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At Lot 279, you’ll find home-raised Nebraska Beef, value-conscious steaks, incredible seafood, and more. Don’t hesitate to ask us how to prepare something: we know our stuff and we’re happy to help.

Quality Meat Perfected Over Five Generations

We Know Our Meat

Lot 279 was started by The Albers family, in Wisner, Nebraska. Although the story started quite a while ago. The practice of enhancing the flavor of beef by finishing cattle on grain started in Nebraska in the early 1900s. Herb Sr. built Herb Albers Feedlot in the heart of cattle feeding country. Little did he know at the time, the operation he started would be taken over from generation to generation. What began as a small feeding operation, has now grown into several other diverse businesses with multiple generations working together to build a better future.

Today Lot 279 is one of those family owned businesses. We have taken our passion for agriculture and quality beef a step further. Lot 279 and the Albers Family want to offer you the best beef, pork and seafood on the market. The Taste of Nebraska tradtion is about bringing the family around the table for an incredible meal.

Our Founding Story



Herb Sr. built his farm on the Northern county line, 6 miles north of Wisner, Nebraska. The cattle yards were situated in a wagon wheel formation around our first feed mill, some of which are still around today. It was started as a family-owned and operated farm that specializes in producing grain fed cattle. Our family's love of agriculture and the knowledge we have built on for nearly 100 years has allowed us to consistently grow and expand our operation. Producing incredible beef is something you have to be passionate about.



The Albers Family handled everything from planting and harvesting the grain, to raising the best cattle, while maintaining the highest standards for animal welfare. With an exemplary family history and industry lineage, our family decided we wanted to do more: bring the consumer closer to the family that produced their beef with a branded name and product.



With Albers Beef running successfully, we chose to take the culinary experience further by opening our tasting bar and butchershop, Lot 279. Located in downtown Norfolk, the unique atmosphere paired with great wines, small bites, and of course, our full service butchership. From our family farm, this is our hub, a brick, and mortar for customers to buy our products in person.


Introducing our new Online Marketplace and delivery programs

The next chapter will be continuing what our family started with Albers Beef: bringing you the highest quality beef that we can. From our family to yours, we want you to have an exemplary beef experience, and we’re bringing other premium options to the table that pair well with your beef selections. A high-quality culinary experience is what truly represents The Taste of Nebraska Tradition. And it’s what we’ll continue to deliver daily at Lot 279, from our shop to your home.


We stand behind everything we produce and only serve what we would want on our own table. We started Lot 279, to offer our own home-raised beef but also great products that are quality and flavorful (and products you can’t find in your local grocery store). We only carry products that meet the same standards of culinary experience that we hold ourselves to; and, we taste test products to ensure they’re up to par.

What our customers say

Here’s how our customers rave about the high-quality and fresh Lot 279 meat.