Memorial Day Steak Sale!

Lot 279 Beef Sale, 5/10 - 5/31. Orders in by 5/24
Call 402-316-3688 from 11 AM to 5PM to order
Minimum orders of 1 case 8-11 lbs can be split for a $5 charge.
Albers Beef Products
Description Minimum order Price / Lb Pack
Hamburger 80/20
Premium Grinds from Albers Family farm, 1 lb Brick Packs 1 Case $4.99
1.5 inch Bone In NY Strips
Prime 50 day wet aged bone in New York Strips, Black Label 1 Case $17.99
Sirloin Sampler Albers Family raised, wet aged Sirloins. Bavettes, Caps, Baseball cut. Your choice. 1 Case $14.99
Eye of Round Roasts
2 lb packages of perfectly trimmed and portioned Eye of Round Roasts from our best cattle 1 Case $6.99
50 day wet aged Whole Brisket
Aged to perfection and ready for the smoker from well marbled locally raised cattle 1 Brisket $4.99
Chophouse & Lot 279 Products
Description Minimum Order Price/ Lb Pack
Grill Filler Our signature Grill Filler, eight - 4 oz Albers Beef Patties. 6 of our house made Brats 1 Package $20.00
1/4 Wagyu Animal
A full 1/4 of Wagyu beef at cost, fed at Albers Family Farms 1 Quarter of beef $1,350.00
Wagyu Sirloins 8 oz Wagyu Sirloins 1 Case $17.99
14 oz Portioned T -Bones
Perfectly portioned Choice T-Bones 1 Case $10.99
Variable Weight T - Bones
Great Choice T- Bones with a variable weight 1 Case $7.99
Misc Cut T-Bones
Misc cut T-Bones, great flavor just not perfectly portioned. Thin or Uneven Cuts 1 Case $4.50
16 oz Bone In Chophouse Ribeye
Value added Ribeyes with enhanced marbling for a great flavor. 1 Case $8.99
10 oz Boneless Strip Loin
Portion Concious New York Strip, value added with enhanced marbling for great flavor. 1 Case $8.99
6 oz Sirloin Perfectly Portioned 6 oz Sirloins 1 Case $7.99
1.5 inch Dry Aged Ribeye Prime
Bone In Dry Aged Ribeye Steak, 35 days. Thick Cut 1 Case $17.99
Thick Cut Bone In New Yorks
Bone In New York, Aged in house. 1 Case $15.99
8 oz Reserve Filet Mignon
Portioned 8 oz Filet's, incredibly tender and Juicy 1 Case $23.99
8 oz Select Filet Mignon
Portioned 8 oz Filet's, value concious 1 case $18.75
Boneless Center Cut Loin Chops
Tenderized 8 oz Pork Chops 1 Case $5.49