Incredible seafood is delivered in portions that can be kept frozen and are individually packaged. Keep an eye out for our fresh seafood options, but these are the ones we feel are an absolute necessity to keep on hand at all times!

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Ahi Tuna (6 oz Filet – 4 Pack)

Skinless yellowfin tuna steaks. Great seared or grilled, as the center of the plate, or as an appetizer. Check out our recipe below!
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Bairdi Snow Crab (2 lb package)

Bairdi snow crab offers a reasonable price for good-sized crab legs. They are mild and buttery in flavor, and so easy to prepare. We often do these as a side for a surf & turf meal. Be sure to grab some Old Bay Seasoning from our seasonings page.
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Chilean Sea Bass (8 oz Filet – 4 Pack)

Our personal favorite in the seafood section. Although the priciest of our seafood, it is worth every penny. This mild Chilean Sea Bass has a high oil content, making it buttery and delicious. But it is also easier for you, the cook, to deliver an amazing dinner without the worry of drying out the fish. Consider pairing with our bacon jalapeno jam that's featured in our favorite recipe, written below!
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Jumbo Dry Pack Scallops (2 lb Package)

All natural North Atlantic caught sea scallops. Another great option for a surf and turf meal that will absolutely stun your guests or family. These scallops are on the larger side and sear up without the "water loss" of the scallops you might get at the grocery store. 20-40 scallops per package, or 2 pounds total.
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Lobster Tails (4-5 oz Tails – 4 Pack)

Frozen raw lobster tails in the 4-5 oz range. These are perfect for a surf & turf option as their size isn't overwhelming. Just a touch of buttery delicious lobster to go with your incredible Lot 279 Steak.
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Mahi Mahi (5-7 oz Filet – 4 Pack)

A tender, sweet, mildly pronounced flavor that is great for fish tacos! Check out our recipe for this delicious, flaky fish.
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North Atlantic Salmon (6 oz Filet – 4 Pack)

North Atlantic Norwegian salmon. Individually packaged and restaurant quality. 100% useable portions with tight trimming. Red and nice marbling. These are a staple in our weekly meal planning.
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Whole Blue Mussels (2 Packages)

These mussels will wow your family and guests, just check out our recipe! Frozen for your convenience, prepare them anytime. 2 Packages include 46-58 mussels, depending on size.
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