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Dry Aged T-Bone

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    Try our Dry Aged Beef.  We take incredible beef and put it in our state of the art Dry Aging cabinets.  The humidity, air flow and temperature are precisely controlled.  After the aging period our head butcher masterfully trims and portions these steaks.   

    We always wet age our steaks for improved tenderness but dry aging takes it a step further.   We slowly let the aging cabinets do their job and intensify that wonderful beef flavor.  

    I personally enjoy dry aged beef on the lighter side, say 33 days, that doesn't stop you from trying our 50 day dry aged beef.  Its like finding your favorite wine, you should experience it all at least once.  

    Dry aged beef because of the moisture loss and trim loss is inherently more expensive but we know you will love it!

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