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12 oz Albers Beef New York Strip (4 Pack)

Grandpa Herb, or Herb Jr was a huge fan of the New York Strip. From the striploin comes a wonderful
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12 oz Albers Black Label Boneless Ribeye (4 Pack)

This boneless Ribeye is sorted for on our farm using an ultrasound scoring system. We start with selecting the perfect
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12 oz Chophouse New York Strip (4 Pack)

Another steak house staple, the New York Strip. The strip is cut from the short loin of a Beef animal. It isnt as tender as a Tenderloin Filet but it makes up for it with big beefy bold flavors. And lets face it, our New York Strips are going to be more tender than what you find at your average grocery store. The New York Strip is my personal favorite!
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14 oz Chophouse Ribeye (4 Pack)

The Ribeye is an incredibly well-marbled & tender cut of beef taken from the 6th through 12th rib. It's the quintessential steak house favorite. Sear them hot and fast and enjoy one of our Ribeye Steaks.
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22+ oz Albers Beef Cowboy Cut (2 Pack)

These incredibly well-marbled thick-cut Bone-In Ribeyes are memorable, to say the least. We always cut our Albers Beef Bone-In Ribeyes
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4 pack Tenderloin Filet

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40+ oz Lot 279 Aged Tomahawk (2 Pack)

The Tomahawk needs no introduction, it’s the star of the show. Great for an impressive center of the plate beef
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Ahi Tuna (6 oz Filet – 4 Pack)

Skinless Yellowfin Tuna Steaks. Great seared or grilled as a center of the plate Entree or appetizer.
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Albers Beef 1 lb Burger Brick Pack (6 Pack)

A 6 pack of our signature blend of burger
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Albers Beef 2 lb Boneless Short Rib (2 Pack)

Your smoker deserves better beef! Our Black Label Briskets and other roasts are second to none, our sorting process yields incredible consistent and excellent marbling.
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Albers Beef 2 Lb Roast

2 Lb Portion of an Eye of Round Roast
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