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Albers Beef Oxtails (2 lb Pack)

Oxtails are great for soup, slow simmer meals, and much more. Enjoy this unique cut and ask us for preparation advice if you haven't tried it before! Try our favorite recipe for slow braised oxtail below.
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Albers Beef Philly Meat 1 lb Package (4-Pack)

Four 1lb packages of our finest craft Philly meat. Great for steak bowls and Philly cheese steaks!
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Albers Beef Roasts Package (9+lbs)

A three pack of  3+lb chuck roasts, portioned and aged to perfection. These chuck roasts came from cattle raised in Wisner, Nebraska on the Albers family farm. Take your next hot beef sandwich, pot roast meal, or smoked chuck roast to the next level with these home-raised Albers beef chuck roasts.
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Albers Beef Skirt Steak 1 lb (2 Pack)

If you want a extremely well-trimmed skirt steak that will wow in your Mexican dishes or appetizers, this is it. Check out our chimichurri recipe below. Four packs of each, 14 oz individually sealed skirt steaks.
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Albers Beef Tri Tip, Whole (2 Pack)

When you want to smoke or reverse sear something but you don't have all day, it's a cut that you can slow cook to a medium-rare and then slice to serve up family-style for beautiful presentation and flavor. If you haven't experienced it yet, you've got to try our recipe! This is our absolute favorite non-steakhouse cut.
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Asparagus, Bunch

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Assorted Bell Peppers – 3 Pack

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Bairdi Snow Crab (2 lb package)

Bairdi snow crab offers a reasonable price for good-sized crab legs. They are mild and buttery in flavor, and so easy to prepare. We often do these as a side for a surf & turf meal. Be sure to grab some Old Bay Seasoning from our seasonings page.
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Broccoli – 14 ct Cluster

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Chilean Sea Bass (8 oz Filet – 4 Pack)

Our personal favorite in the seafood section. Although the priciest of our seafood, it is worth every penny. This mild Chilean Sea Bass has a high oil content, making it buttery and delicious. But it is also easier for you, the cook, to deliver an amazing dinner without the worry of drying out the fish. Consider pairing with our bacon jalapeno jam that's featured in our favorite recipe, written below!
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Chophouse 12 oz Ribeyes (14 Steaks)

Seared Ribeye Pan method Generously coat the steak with flaky salt and pepper. Heat a skillet over medium high to
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Chophouse Freezer Stuffer

Stock up with a dozen of our Chophouse Steaks. If you haven't tried these cuts it also makes a great sampler.   Chophouse Reserve steaks take it to the next level.  A high quality piece of Midwestern beef, enhanced with a little extra beef tallow and salt to make one of the best eating experiences you have had.  This combo has 6 - 14 oz Ribeye Steaks, and 6 -12 oz New York Strips. Over 10 lbs of premium cuts!
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