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Meat Man Monthly Access

$18.00 / month
You spoke, we listened.  Many of our customers asked if they could get access to all the benefits of being an annual member without purchasing the Lot 279 Cooler and without the larger upfront purchase of the Annual Membership.  For $18 a month you can get free delivery and access to our steak sale page.  All you have to do is provide your own cooler when we deliver, leave it on your doorstep, order before 11 AM and we will get you your delicious products delivered quickly and conveniently.

Members Only New York Strip Case Sale

These steaks are our Chophouse Brand and are enhanced with added beef tallow & salt.  This makes for a super tender steak. Like all of the products we carry, these New York Strips are great tasting.  All coming in at approximately 10 ounces per cut.  These however have more end cuts in a box than would be normally representative of an entire New York Strip Loin.  Strip Loin End Cuts comes from the hip end of short loin. Due to where this cut is located, New York Strip End Cuts may have more connective tissues but have equally big flavor & marbling.  The price speaks for itself though, great beef and an even better price. Stock up & throw a few cases in your freezer as the supply is limited!  Photos below represent the 10 oz New York Strip.  10 lb Case 16 steaks per case, delivered frozen.

Members Only Tenderloin Sale

Whole Choice or better Tenderloin.  PSMO meaning peeled, side muscle on.   These are well trimmed whole tenderloins at an incredible value.  Whether you want to cut them into Filet Mignon or cook the entire tenderloin as a Holiday roast, this cut of meat never disappoints. We were able to buy some frozen stock at a fantastic price, it was a perfect opportunity to pass those savings on to our members!  Only 300 lbs available so buy them now and save! Whole Tenderloins are 5.5 to 7 lbs. These will be delivered frozen.

North Atlantic Salmon (6 oz Filet – 4 Pack)

North Atlantic Norwegian Salmon. Individually packaged and restaurant quality. 100 % useable portions with tight trimming. Red and nice marbling.

Ocean Prime

2 - 6 oz Mahi Mahi Filets 2 - 6 oz Chilean Sea Bass 2 -  6 oz Salmon Filets 2 - 6 oz Ahi Tuna Filets

Roasty Box

2 - 2 lb Albers Beef Chuck Roasts 1 - 2 lb Package of Albers Beef Sliced Sirloin 2 - packages of tenderloin filet tips 2 - 1 lb packages of Albers Beef Burger

Steakhouse Gift Box – CAC Donation

Happy Holidays from the team at Lot 279 and CAC.  This combo box is delicous beef with a purpose, we teamed up with the Child Advocacy Center to make a wonderful steak package.  A portion from every sale of this combo box will go directly to the Child Advocacy Center.  This package includes 2- 14 oz Reserve Ribeyes, 2- 12 oz Reserve New York Strips, 2 - 8 oz Sirloins and 2 packages of our home raised Albers Beef Burger.

Steakhouse Staples

2 - 14 oz Ribeyes 2 - 12 oz New York Strips 2 - 8 oz Filet Mignon 2 - Albers Beef Sirloins

Surf N’ Turf

4 - 14 oz Ribeyes 1 lb of Jumbo Scallops 4 - 4-5oz Lobster Tails  

Tenderloin Filet 4 Pack Balanced Beef

4 - 8 oz Tenderloin Filets and 6 lbs of Premium hamburger grinds.   Albers Beef raised on our farm just north of Wisner, Nebraska.   These bundles offer big time savings as we "Balance the Beef"  and sell our steak cuts in balance with the amount of premium burger produced from that animal. All of our burger is produced with high end cuts from a single group of cattle.

The Meat Man Monthly Membership

$199.00 / month
Easy & Convenient Ordering, No Hassle
  • You get a $199 BALANCED BEEF BUNDLE including Cuts and Grinds of our choice, every month.
  • Free Delivery
  • Exclusive Access to Certain Steak Sales
  • $5 Off Bottles of Wine In Store
  • Get the Best Beef on the Market at a Discounted Rate
  • Exclusive Recipes