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Woodenstreet Guide: Make your romantic dining experience awesome

What’s romantic dining when it comes to your mind, well for me it’s just me and my meal. But I always dream of enjoying my meal in a perfect atmosphere with the best natural scenery. You just don’t have to be in France, new your or any picture-perfect beaches.


The majority of people have an idea that romantic dining is at a perfect restaurant or cafe others might prefer what I think of as the perfect romantic dining. Heck, some might even want to plan a romantic dinner in the comfort of their home.

Whatever your choice, it is about escaping from everyday life, enjoying each other’s company, and tasting the best food the world has to offer.

Follow these tips to make your romantic dining experience a success on the first try:

  1. Keep eye contact

Put on a good show for the other diners, as you’ll be paying more attention to them than anyone else. You can gaze at others while waiting for the food to arrive at your dining tables or while enjoying your meal.

  1. Small bites

A large main course might be a bit intimidating. First, go with the starters, and then you’re good to go for your main meal.

  1. Look, but don’t touch

Touching during a meal isn’t necessary or comfortable, so be aware of that and take small bites to not appear too eager to receive food.

  1. Use the leftovers

Well, you might feel this is not a valid point but for me, it’s the most important thing. I always bring some leftovers to my home to enjoy it letter. You might even save enough to take home a couple of treats.

  1. Talking is key

As you’re eating, make sure to strike up a conversation with your partner diner, as they’ll likely be looking to you for guidance. Or you can just talk to your waiter, as they might be the most knowledgeable about the situation you’re in. 

  1. Use the chopsticks

 Well, this is the way I want to start eating as I love that style of eating. If you’re not familiar with chopsticks, trying them makes the experience more fun and humorous than it would be if you initially opted for regular cutlery. Using chopsticks is an art that will take time to master, but you’ll be a pro in no time.

  1. Shh

Keep your table talk (or phone calls) on the down low. Sure, people are curious, but it’s best to keep it quiet, especially if you’re dining alone.

  1. Knowing what to order:

Don’t order seafood, and don’t order spicy food. The safest thing to order is something like grilled salmon with a ginger sauce.

  1. Champagne:

Champagne is a classic accompaniment to a romantic meal, and it can be hard to know just how to order. The general rule of thumb is to choose a rosé and try to pair it with fish. If you have red meat on the menu, go with a full-bodied red. When in doubt, ask your server and make sure your table is in good spirits.


Enjoy yourself. Be excited. Break up the routine. Then, when you get back to the real world, you can be sure that the first thing you do will be to turn to the person you love.


Well, these are some basic things that will make your experience wonderful. But the most important thing is to have a wonderful setting on your dining furniture. Seating is so important to enjoy your meal therefore you should always choose the right dining chairs for yourself. Woodenstreet provides the best dining furniture with amazing offers. They have their offline stores everywhere in India.